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About Lela Lee

Lela created her cartoon heroine the "Angry Little Asian Girl" in video  form while she was a student at UC Berkeley. But she kept it hidden for fear of scaring people. She graduated with her B.A. in Rhetoric and promptly began working at her mom's dry cleaners. To keep boredom at bay behind the counter, Lela doodled in her notebook and came up with more episodes of the "Angry Little Asian Girl." She volunteered as a photographer at the American Cinemateque and the programmer wondered what she did besides take pictures for her obscure programs. Lela answered, "I'm an actress and a cartoonist. I made a little video called "Angry Little Asian Girl."" The programmer watched it, liked and screened it. And to Lela's surprise, the video received glowing reviews from the LA Times and the LA Weekly. This gave her the crazy idea to make a batch of 300 tshirts. She began selling shirts out of the trunk of her car and launched a website. Long story short, she expanded ALAG to "Angry Little Girls" as the umbrella name for her comic strip, made cool merchandise, made more books, acted in shows, got married, had 2 kids and still does the same thing today. In 2012, Lela was nominated for a Harvey Award for The book “Fairy Tales for Angry Little Girls.” Angry Little Girls is syndicated by GoComics and is a series of books published by Harry N. Abrams and Running Press. In 2016, ALAG will celebrate its' 22th anniversary.