Become An Angry Little Girls distributor!

Do you love Angry Little Girls Bags? Would you like to become a distributor? Take pre-orders or have a party with bags bought at a significant discount.

Plan 1

Take pre-orders or have an Angry Little Girls bag party so your customers can leave with their goodies. The minimum amount for a bulk order is $500 and the discount is 40%.

Discount Price                       Retail Price                                 Your Profit

Tote Bags $18                       Tote Bags retail $30                   Your Profit $12
Wallets $12                            Wallets retail $20                       Your Profit $8
Lunch Bags $15                     Lunch Bags retail $25                Your Profit $10
Scarves $11                            Scarves Retail $18                       Your Profit $7

A good start up order is 5 of each style making 15 totes, 15 wallets and 10 lunch bags. Your profit could be $430. If you're interested, please email us at and we can set you up.