A vlog about my book!

Oh my goodness I felt so delighted when this super adorable family from Ireland shared with me their vlog link youtu.be/vWHhF6QYFlo Their Mom, Mrs. Shuiligan reads "He's No Beauty in the Least" to her two daughters. I am so happy she shared the book with her girls, but also, I'm tickled that this book made it all the way to Ireland! I feel grateful for the love. Thank you!

Happy New Year!

It's 2014, which marks the 20th year of ALAG's creation. It was in 1994 that I first drew the Angry Little Asian Girl while I was an angry college student. Now 20 years later, ALAG's become a beloved pop icon. And for that i'm proud. This year, I've decided to share ALAG by selling off some of my originals. I have never sold any originals because I love each and every one. But I kinda need to let them go, for the sole reason being that I need the space and it's time. It's been 20 years of ALAG and I want some of the fans who can, to have a piece of my 20 year legacy. Stay tuned for some one and only originals on my site's shop here. Thanks for reading! 

20 years of ALAG.jpg